There is a fantastic chance you’ve seen an infomercial for MyPillow if you’ve been late-night station surfing by your television’s glow.  Founded by Mike Lindell, the MyPillow cushion was designed to offer sleepers of all styles comfy pressure relief. The maximum consumer evaluations were earned by the pillows while MyPillow Inc. does manufacture sheets, mattresses, along with other sleep accessories!  There are four different fill levels from which to select, varying in attic and support when choosing your pillow. The people at MyPillow Inc. offer this assortment of firmness and feel with the intention of adapting everybody’s sleepy requirements, regardless of your favorite position.

All four of the MyPillow fill levels are made from the same materials, though they give different levels of inner fill in accordance with your preferred amount of loft and support.


The cover fabric of each pillow is made from 100% cotton, and it seems light and tender to the touch. The cushions’ filling is made from polyurethane foam which makes them shapeable, simple to fold, and fluffable. The polyfoam is shredded which is meant to enhance the breathability of this pillow, and make it easier to manipulate under the cover fabric. Polyfoam includes a fluffy feel found in couch cushions or toppers. 

Now, while they’re not adjustable, different sleeping positions are catered to by different fill levels. They range from soft to medium-firm and color categorizes the fill levels when you are picking your MyPillow online.


In the bottom fill into the maximum, the order goes: yellow, white, green, then blue. From yellow to blue, the fill levels slightly increase, adding support and loft. The notion here is that between four different fill levels, sleepers of all types can get the attic that is most suitable for their slumber habits.


Since the pillows do look pretty similar, you can check to see which pillow is that by taking a look at the ribbon on the tag of the pillow. The care instructions will be. Each MyPillow has to be put it into the dryer for 15 minutes before use so as to get it to its fluff capacity.

So, because every cushion has a different fill degree, support and each one is going to get its own feel. The less fill the cushion gets, flatter and the softer it’s likely to feel. But because they are created from the exact materials, there are some things that all four have in common. my pillow reddit

My Pillow premium comes in various degrees of firmness. But, I have learned from friends who bought that their sizing chart is true. Part of the issue is that the sizing chart foundations which color to go based off your shirt size. I think a better rule of thumb is as follows:


  • Yellow Level: (Least Business ) Stomach Sleepers
  • White Level: (Moderate ): Rear Sleepers
  • Green Level: (Firm): Negative Sleepers
  • Blue Amount : (Extra Firm) Side Sleepers

So that I can’t move it around as needed, the filling interior is reassuring but not overstuffed. This pillow left me and really cradles your neck. Since it is not a piece of foam, it does a wonderful job.

1 drawback is that you cannot adjust the amount of filling inside. It’d be fine if there was a zipper where you can remove foam in the event that you discovered it to be firm nonetheless it is possible to return it free if you need to decide on a thinner or thicker pillow. my pillow reddit

I believe that the MyPillow will probably be well received by stomach sleepers specifically who want a thinner pillow that is easy to move around and is able to provide a neck support. People are very particular about what pillow so it would be tough to say that one is necessarily better than another, they like. What I could say is that this pillow has a feel I have not encounter in any other cushion. Your head sinks into it a quantity.

If you try this pillow with the ideal expectations out, I think, you should be delighted with the results. The pillow does not go flat and keeps you supported.

There. Individuals wouldn’t consider any other pillow and love it. Finding the proper pillow may take time, the cushions on this website provide you with a fantastic overview of what to expect before you make a purchase and what’s on the marketplace.


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